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At Wrap Hive, we work with businesses of all kinds and sizes to maximize their marketing and advertising presence through web design, vehicle wraps, signs and banners, and promotional items. When we sit down with a client to discuss a new project, a common point of emphasis is that before you start to think about advertising your company, you need to make sure that you have a strong brand to build upon. Think of your logo and identity design as the foundation of a house. You can have the greatest business plan, services and products, but if your identity and branding are not on point your business will never reach it's full potential. Like a house, you can have the greatest roof and walls that can be built, but if your foundation is cracked or uneven you will constantly be dealing with issues. In the same light, if your company's logo isn't representing your business in the right way it will turn off potential clients and give your company a bad reputation regardless of your actual service.

"Repeat customers remember your quality products and service, new and potential customers remember you brand."

Wrap Hive can work with your business to create a unique and memorable logo design and marketing package to make sure that your logo is putting out the right message about your business. Our team of skilled graphic designers are experienced in creating and implementing successful branding packages for businesses of all types and sizes. A logo should be memorable, unique, and easy to read and understand, if your branding can hit these three important goals you are putting yourself in a great position for success.

How often should a logo be replaced? We hear this question often, and the answer is: it depends... While there are a handful of brands out there that seem to stay consistent forever (Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, etc.), most companies should look to rebrand or refresh their branding every 5-10 years. This cycle is due to changes in design and business trends in the country and you want to stay as fresh and relevant as possible. You aren't still wearing leg warmers and sporting a mullet haircut are you? No I didn't think so, so why does your logo look like it is fresh out of the late 1980's? Potential customers see your branding and make an immediate judgement and often that initial judgement plays a huge part in who they will select to give their business to. Make sure that you give the world your best first impression!

If you are looking to rebrand your business or are starting a new venture and need help creating a logo design, give Wrap Hive a call today. We can provide you with a free estimate and consultation to get you started. We have logo packages for budgets of all levels and we can help you create a logo design that you will be excited and proud of and your potential customers will love and remember. Call us today!

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