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Full color change wrap

A local band from the Flathead Valley came to us about their 1962 Cadillac Fleetwood tour car. They had a beautiful classic car but being that the car was white, it just didn’t fit the bill. The band’s name is “Pink Cadillac” so you can guess what they had in mind! We worked with the client to plan for a full color change wrap on their vintage Cadillac. We helped them find the perfect pink tone for their car. After comparing gloss, satin, and matte finishes in a variety of tones of pink, the client decided on 3M® 1080 Satin Bubblegum Pink film. 


Our team of expert installers went to work prepping the car and carefully removing all of the vintage emblems from the surface to ensure a flawless install around the Cadillac text and logo badges. We lay down this film with such a clean installation that you can’t tell that it is not a paint job. A full color change wrap on this Cadillac is the affordable solution to a new paint job. Our price came in at around 1/4 of the cost of the lowest paint estimate that the client received on the car. 


Wrap Hive can help you transform your vehicle with a color change wrap. Whether you have a classic car like this 1962 Cadillac, an older can that’s paint is looking a little rough, or a newer vehicle you just want to add a custom color to. Color change wraps come in hundreds of colors and provide a 5-7+ year lifespan (for clean removability) , they protect your factor paint from scratches, chips and other small imperfections that may happen over the years. If you wrap a brand new car, when you peel the wrap off, your paint is going to look as perfect as it did when it was new. 


Wrap Hive is your source for the best vehicle wraps in the Flathead and Montana. Whether you need a full color change wrap or a partial advertising graphics package, we can help from start to finish! No matter what project you have, Wrap Hive can help bring it to life.

Color change Satin Bubblegum wrap on 1962 Cadillac, by Wrap Hive
Pink full color change wrap on '62 Cadillac
Pink Color change wrap for Fleetwood Cadillac
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