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Full printed wrap

The team at Nomad GCS builds the most amazing custom communications vehicles in the world, right here in the Flathead! So when our friends at Nomad GCS have a job that needs to be done fast, and done right, they call the experts at Wrap Hive. We worked with Nomad to complete a full printed vinyl wrap on this behemoth of a truck before it hit the road for Panama to represent the National Police. Nomad provided a rough outline of what the design should look like, and our designers took it from there. 

This stealthy tone on tone honeycomb pattern is so subtle that you can only really see it in certian light, but when its on the move -the pattern shimmers across the truck like a hologram. The client requested this stealthy look without any real idea of how to achieve it. We worked with Nomad GCS to create a gameplan for wrapping the vehicle that would be not only create the appropriate look for the client's needs but do it in a cost effective and long lasting, durable way. Aside from the white text overlay, this wrap is all one layer and 100% covered in watermarked honeycomb pattern.  Great effort and attention to detail went into the project to ensure that the pattern would line up at every seam. 

The end result is a one of a kind truck that is mean! This truck looks like something that should be in Bruce Wayne's garage, but instead it will be roaming the streets of Panama providing crucial communications efforts to their Police team. 

This project is a perfect example of how their is no job too big for Wrap Hive. Whether you need a handful of stickers for your bands giveaway, or you need to wrap a gigantic communications truck like this one. Wrap Hive can handle it all! 

Wisconsin department of corrections mobile lab - full printed wrap by wrap hive at Nomad in Columbia Falls
WI department of workforce developement mobile lab wrapped by Wrap Hive in Kalispell
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