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Vehicle wrap design and install

We worked with the team at Modern Plumbing and Heating in Kalispell, MT to rework and reinstall their vehicle wrap. Modern had their wrap installed by a unqualified installer in late 2016, their inexperience was obvious as text was run into obstructions on the vehicle causing important information to be illegible. Upon further inspection, we found the wrap to be failing in multiple areas allowing water and dirt to get under the wrap material. We offered our services to rework the design of the wrap to account for the obstructions that were blocking text and reinstall the vehicle wrap to the highest possible standards to ensure that this time around their vehicle wrap would last for years to come. 

The first step in reworking Modern Plumbing and Heating's vehicle wrap design was to increase the size of the logo. When designing a vehicle wrap you want to imagine that your target audience has only 2-3 seconds to view your vehicle during a typical drive by viewing. Since you only have a short 2-3 second window to make an impression on a potential customer, you need to prioritize you information. Wrap Hive's strategy is simple:

1. Logo. This is most important, if they remember one thing it should be the name of your company.

2. Contact information. Often times people will immediately call for your services from the road or their passenger my look up your website on the spot. It is crucial to have this info highly visible. 

3. Services. This information is strictly for stationary viewing, parking lots or being stopped in traffic next to your wrapped vehicle. 

Wrap Hive followed these steps to revamp the original design. From their we provided our professional installation services, making sure that this wrap was not only great looking but was built to last as well. Now Modern Plumbing and Heating has a fleet vehicle wrap that they can be proud of and now they can rest easy knowing that it is going to stand up to daily abuse and the test of time. 

Vehicle wraps and design by Wrap Hive in Kalispell MT. Call today for a free quote on your next vehicle wrap, design or signage project.
Vehicle wraps in Kalispell MT by Wrap Hive. Call us today for a free quote. Wraps and graphics for your business.
Vehicle Wrap Designed and installed by Wrap Hive in Kalispell, MT. Fleet vehicle wraps, graphics and more.
Fleet vehicle wrap by Wrap Hive in Kalispell, MT. Van wrap for Modern Plumbing and Heating.
Fleet vehicle wrap by Wrap Hive in Kalispell, MT. Van wrap for Modern Plumbing and Heating.
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