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Custom wall murals wall graphics/wraps, graphic design

In the Spring of 2020, Flathead High School in Kalispell, MT received an offer to completely update and upgrade their weight room and sports training facilities. Flathead High Alumni and former NFL quarterback Brock Osweiler was the source of the generous donation. Brock’s vision was to transform the space with all new equipment, including professional grade weight training equipment, flooring, electronics and more. Once the equipment and remodel plan was complete, Brock wanted to make sure that the new space would look and feel like a collegiate or professional sports locker room. This is where Wrap Hive comes in… We worked with Brock to concept, design and implement a series of wall mural wraps to help complete the transformation of the space. 


Prior to entering the Brock Osweiler Performance Center at Flathead High School, you walk down a long hallway, previously ending in an old weathered wall with exposed electrical piping, multiple textures and finishes from through the years. This wall was in terrible shape, the condition was beyond which we could wrap while keeping the clean look the were going for. It is important to match with the look of the rest of the remodeled sports facility. So we determined the best route would be to frame in a false wall covering the old electrical piping and install our graphics to the new false wall. Our plan worked perfectly! The new wall creates a clean base for install of our wall graphics. For the design, we worked with Brock on an entry design that features a photo of Brock during his Flathead Brave years, and brief writeup and a list of Brocks statistics and accomplishments from his time at Flathead High School, Arizona State University and his time in the NFL. This wall wrap design provides a clean and modern look for the entry into the new facility, setting the stage for the new professional and inspiring surroundings 


The North and South entries to the Brock Osweiler Performance Center was in similar condition to the hallway wall broken concrete, rough textures and peeling paint. So we sanded down and repaired what we could prior to installing a full coverage wall mural to not only hide the previous facade, but also to create a design that makes people excited to work out and train for their athletic goals. Using a traditional Flathead Brave and Bravette saying “Win the Day” and a rough brick texture we are able to transform the wall and conceal nearly all evidence of the previous surface. Using a perforated window film, we can create a design visible on the windows from the exterior, but still allows full visibilty from the interior. Wrap Hive can create a custom design for any wall and find a wrap solution for nearly any surface. 


Our wall graphics on the inside of the Performance Center were custom designs featuring team graphics, Brock Osweiler NFL photos, and motivational phrases. We tried to create wall mural designs that kept with the Flathead Braves colors and themes transformed the space with powerful imagery, creative and unique textures and design ideas. Wall conditions we ideal for the large Brock Osweiler (Denver Broncos) theme wrap and allowed us to wrap directly to the wall with a calandered wrap film. The other wall however was coated with a rough texture concrete material that would have been impossible to wrap as a long term solution, so we applied aluminum panels directly to the concrete wall and then installed our wrap to the panels. This solution completely conceals the wall behind it, allowing us to create another fresh clean surface and continue the transformation of the space. 


Wrap Hive can work with you to create a wall mural solution that will transform any space. From landscapes, textures, photo collages, kids room designs, business logos or any other wall mural wrap design theme, Wrap Hive can help you bring your ideas to life! Wall mural wraps are the quickest way to transform any room in your home or office. 

Brock Osweiler Preformance Center
Wood texture wall graphic
Walls and door graphics at Flathead High School
Hallway with graphics by Wrap Hive
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