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Boat wrap  custom design and install

Our friends at OHS Towing recently bought a new truck for their fleet!... The only problem is that OHS Towing signature look is a bright yellow truck and this new GMC 5500 was white. What to do? Pay $5-$10k for a new paint job? No way, instead they call the experts at Wrap Hive for a custom color change wrap. 

In only a few shorts days, and a fraction of the cost of paint, Wrap Hive transformed this truck from it's factory white paint job to a fresh bright yellow gloss finish. After the wrap was complete, we added their signature reflective OHS Towing decals and branding. Now the truck fits in with the rest of the fleet and the team at OHS saved time, money and stress by leaving the job up to the team at Wrap Hive.

Wrap Hive offers hundreds of colors, finishes and textures for a color change wrap. So whether your vehicle needs to match your business fleet like this job at OHS... Or maybe your paint is just old and faded, or your have mismatched body panels from an accident, or maybe you're just sick of that ugly color paint you've been living with. Wrap Hive can help!

Why wrap? Color change wraps are only fraction of the cost of a standard paint job. (Most vehicles cost between $2-$3k for a full wrap). They are durable, 100% removable, and they even protect your paint from minor scratches and rock chips. So call Wrap Hive today and let's talk colors for your car! We have hundreds of colors to choose from! With options ranging from custom finishes like matte, gloss, and satin; textures like brushed metal and carbon fiber; and special effects like chrome and color shifting films. There is a reason that we say #paintisdead , call Wrap Hive today for a free estimate on your vehicle wrap!

Before wrap
Centurion boat custom wrap
Custom full printed boat wrap
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