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Full print vehicle wrap

Our client came to us with a unique project idea, to create the ultimate “sleeper” muscle car. He had just purchased a Montana Highway Patrol car, a Dodge Charger from a local police auction. His plan was to create beast of a car to match or top the Dodge Charger’s “Hellcat” edition and their 707HP.  


First step was to fix any existing body damage in the most affordable way possible, bondo and primer surfaces, no new paint. This way the wrap would cover any unfinished body work on the vehicle. Next step was to add a Supercharger to the HEMI V8 engine to create as much horsepower as possible in this four door sedan. After the car was up and running with its newly acquired power, they brought it directly to Wrap Hive for a new full printed wrap. 


The design plan for the wrap was to create a vehicle that looked as though it had been sitting in a ship yard or auto recycler, rusting for years. Rivets and bolts added to the body to give it that look of an old ship or airplane that had been altered and added to over the years. The design team at Wrap Hive went to work to create a completely custom pattern that encompassed all of the clients ideas and vision for the vehicle. We combined over 25 photos of actual rusted metal to create this dirty, beat up and rusty design. This vehicle wrap pattern is 100% unique with all sides having different textures and color variations. Then we went through and added custom rivet graphics that run along the body lines of the vehicle to give it an even more vintage look. In the end, this Charger looks like it just rolled out of the junk yard. But don’t be fooled, it packs a punch that will take out nearly any vehicle in a drag race. 


Wrap Hive provides not only the best in vehicle wraps and graphics, but also the best quality wrap installation around. Our expert install team has over 10 years experience and can wrap anything that you drive through our doors. Combining that with our professional graphic design services, Wrap Hive can help with every portion of your wrap and graphics needs. Why use multiple vendors and add to the stress of your project by having to piece things together from place to place? Wrap Hive has everything you need under one roof starting with logo, web and graphic design, vehicle wraps, trailer wraps, boat wraps, wall mural graphics, window graphics, floor graphics, decals, stickers, banners and signs, and paint protection film- Wrap Hive is your source for the best advertising and graphics around. Wrap Hive helps you create a BUZZ for your business! 

Montana Sky RAV4 wrap
Toyota Tundra advertizing wrap
Advertising wrap by Wrap Hive
Silver Tundra with Decals
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