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Affordable Alternative to traditional vehicle paint  #paintisdead

A color change vehicle wrap is an affordable alternative to a traditional vehicle paint job. Whether you have a newer vehicle that you want to customize with a new color or maybe your older vehicle's paint is looking a little worse for the wear... The affordable answer is a color change wrap from Wrap Hive! Our full color change wraps typically come in at around 1/4 of the cost of a traditional paint job. Color change wraps are a great way to transform your vehicle without breaking the bank! 


A color change vehicle wrap is a fast growing alternative to traditional auto paint for a variety of reasons, one of them being the variety of color, sheen and texture options. From Gloss Metallic flake films, to Satin, Carbon Fiber and matte with a vehicle wrap you have so many more options than came on your vehicle from the factory. Hundreds of options to give you that one of a kind custom look to set your vehicle apart from the crowd. 

Maybe you're fixing up a vehicle and have mismatched body panels? Wrap Hive offers films from 3M® and Avery Dennison® that block out all paint colors beneath them to give you 100% consistent colors across your entire vehicle, regardless of the paint job beneath it.  Color change vehicle gives you the opportunity to have a vehicle in a color unlike anyone else on the road. 

Color change vehicle wrap film can also be used to wrap sections of your vehicle to match or tie into a theme you have going on any vehicle. From chrome delete packages, where we wrap all chrome trim with gloss or matte black films. Bumper, hood and roof wraps to either match similar to your existing paint, or to set the panel apart with a custom color or finish. Wrap Hive is your source for the best in custom color change vehicle wraps, give us a call today and let's create a BUZZ for your vehicle! 

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