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Multiple wrap projects

We worked with AON in Kalispell during the remodel of their new office space. The project included two large scale installs, frosted window graphics and wall mural wraps. The office was designed to the exact specifications of AON, who has offices around the country. There brand and office design instructions g


We started by producing and installing a reverse cut stripe of frosted window graphics on all of their glass windows throughout the office. This design was installed on over 20 windows for offices, conference rooms and more. Frosted or etched glass films are really great for providing that professional or elegant look to any piece of glass. In this case AON has corporate design standards that we were required to follow to bring this new office up to speed and consistent with all the other offices around the country. AONs corporate hexagon pattern design is great for adding an interesting design element to the glass while also providing privacy to each office and conference room. The great thing about frosted graphics are that since they are translucent, it allows you to have privacy as well as still allowing light in, the best of both worlds! The translucent effect also allows you to see if someone is standing outside the glass door, that way you avoid any collisions that may occur with people going in and out, this is a common problem when using other materials that may block out visibility altogether. 


The second half of this project is to create and install a series of wall mural wraps inspired by surrounding city or landscape that each AON office resides. If this was AON in Chicago, we might have an image of the city line across a wall in their office, but since were here in NW Montana we of course went with a few beautiful scenes from Glacier National Park! These wall murals are great because their large height and wall size makes it appear as though you could just walk right into the scene! We worked with the team at AON to select and produce this series of images that are meant to lift the spirits of their employees whenever they walk into the office. Wall mural wraps are an amazing product that Wrap Hive offers, we can transform any wall or space instantly with these large format wall graphics and do it affordably! 


Whether you need window graphics like these frosted window decals at AON, or you need a large format wall mural graphic, Wrap Hive can help with that and so much more! We are your source for highest quality vinyl graphics, call Wrap Hive today and let us help you bring a BUZZ to your business! 

Glacier wall mural
Photo wall mural by Wrap Hive
Frosted windows and Decals
Frosted windows by Wrap Hive
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